I am Lola The Cat

Thank you for caring enough to check on Lola!

Lola joined our family around 2017 and she was just about 6 months old. She is an orange polydactyl cat which means she has many, many toes.

She is very independent and adventurous, and we could never keep her trapped in the house. Some people don't believe we should let her out of the house, but she would rip apart every window screen in our house to get outside if it's a beautiful day.

Lola is a very friendly kitty who is easy to spoil and therefore has made many friends around our neighborhood. Once you feed her, you will be her new best friend forever! (Just beware, she will keep coming back!) She is now commonly known as the "Neighborhood Cat".

In the summer, she is especially outdoorsy and we miss seeing her around our home, but we know she is being well taken care of by our friendly community.

We started this website to let people know that she has a loving home that she will make her way back to (when she darn well feels like it) and we know that our neighbors are looking out for her and are very grateful.

You can contact us at 303-621-5738